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We are South Manchester’s leading residential chartered surveying firm. We have extensive local knowledge. People and property are our passion. We are Urban Surveyors.

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Since it is often difficult to decide which home survey to choose, especially if you’re buying your first home, we’ve put together a simple guide to make this decision easier for you. If you still have questions you can always call our team at Urban Surveyors for help, advice, and support on 0161 327 1505

Level 1 – RICS Home Survey
(previously called a Homebuyer Survey)
Level 2 – RICS Home Survey without Valuation
(previously called a Homebuyer Survey)
Level 3 – RICS Home Survey
(previously called a Building Survey)
Describes the construction and condition of the property on the date of the inspection.
Aims to identify any problems that need urgent attention or are serious.
Aims to identify things that need to be investigated further to prevent serious damage. General guidance is provided for major repairs
Aims to tell you about problems that may be dangerous.
Provides a market valuation.

Our Best Products

We can provide various types of reports depending on your needs such as a Home Survey Level 2 (previously known as the HomeBuyer Report), a Home Survey Level 3 (previously known as the Building Survey). We also offer structural inspections and beam calculations.

Advice & Guidance

Information and guidance on choosing the surveying services most suitable for your needs.

01 Buying a Home

It’s important to remember that your mortgage lender’s valuation report is not a survey. It merely tells your lender whether or not the property is reasonable security for your loan. An RICS survey will tell you the actual condition of the property. That’s vital information that can be invaluable during price negotiations, and will also help you avoid expensive surprises after you’ve moved in.

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02 Selling a Home

An RICS survey can be an aid to selling your home. It will show you any problems that may delay your sale or cause price reductions later in the process.

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03 Staying at Home

A survey of the current condition of your home will warn you of defects and help you avoid escalating repair and maintenance costs in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a house is a huge commitment. At Urban Surveyors, we’re dedicated to helping you make the right decision and guide you through the process. Please see our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any queries not addressed, you can contact us on 0161 327 1505 for help, advice, and support.

Yes, the Surveyor is a member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).
Yes, Urban Surveyors are fully Regulated by the RICS!
We aim to book all inspections as soon as possible, subject to access.
Our surveyor will visually inspect the property for dampness aided by a damp meter. This is a non-invasive inspection, and no tests are taken (i.e. no timber, plaster or brick samples are taken for laboratory testing). Furniture or personal effects will not be moved and no testing can be undertaken to walls behind permanent fittings such as wardrobes or kitchen units and appliances.

If high damp meter readings are obtained, our surveyor will provide further advice within the report.

All our surveyors are aware of the health and other implications of asbestos. They are also aware of the common asbestos containing materials used in residential properties. If during the course of the inspection our surveyor identifies or reasonably suspects the presence of asbestos containing materials this will be reported.

However, we don’t carry out an asbestos inspection or act as asbestos inspectors when inspecting properties that may fall within the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. With flats, we’ll assume there is a ‘dutyholder’ (as defined in the Regulations), an asbestos register and an effective management plan all in place and none of these presents a significant risk to health or need any immediate payment. The dutyholder is not consulted by us.

Our surveyors will engage with you before inspecting the property. If you are planning any alterations, you should mention these to our surveyor. We will not be able to formally comment in the report, and our Surveyors cannot provide plans, or any structural loading calculations for planned alterations.

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We’re here to help. Get in touch with any comments, queries or complaints, and we’ll get you talking to the right people. Use the form below to drop us a message, email us directly at info@letUSsurvey.co.uk

Urban Surveyors is the trading name of
LetUSsurvey Limited – Registered in England and Wales

Company Registration Number – 11818774
VAT Registration Number – 360109041
Urban Surveyors are Regulated by the RICS (Firm Number – 826630)

Telephone: 0161 327 1505

Opening Hours 

Opening hours may vary during public holidays.

  • Monday 9am – 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday 9am – 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday 9am – 5:30 pm
  • Thursday9am – 5:30 pm
  • Friday9am – 5:30 pm
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday – Closed

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Customer Reviews


Amy Walker

Garett and Jo are fab

Garett and Jo are fab. They are trust worthy, knowledgeable, efficient and very friendly. From initial point of contact to receiving our survey report, it was 10 days – just fantastic.


Professional and thorough

I’ve used Urban Surveyors a few time now from a recommendation. They have always provided a thorough and detailed report within a week of the inspection. I would always recommend!

Gillian Patman

Excellent service

Really excellent service. Garret and Jo customer service is brilliant as they’re very responsive. The survey report was detailed and well presented. The telephone call after the survey is so useful and appears to be quite unique compared to others. Would highly recommend Urban Surveyors.

Tomas Keating

Recommended by a a friend to me

Recommended by a a friend to me, the service I received was very good, the actual survey happened one day later than initially planned but the report was turned around very quickly and was very thorough.

Tom Cartwright

Excellent quick service

Excellent quick service. I recently had a Home Buyers Report completed by Garret – the survey was completed quickly, clearly and thoroughly. The call after the survey was really useful and a great service all round. Would recommend

Reuben Roy

An excellent service from Garret

An excellent service from Garret. He was polite, timely and extremely efficient in both correspondence and providing the report. We would happily use him again and would recommend him to those buying in and around Manchester.


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