• Gives a detailed and comprehensive property review

  • Highlight your findings in a way that is easily understood by your clients with the traffic light condition ratings system

  • Clear report structure

  • Impartial assessment of a property from RICS

  • RICS HomeBuyer report adheres to all RICS standards and ensures that maintains the benchmark for best practice


The Homebuyer Survey was designed by the RICS and is a briefer version of the Building Survey. Homebuyer Surveys are are only suitable for modern homes that are in generally good condition. If the property is old or dilapidated, it will require a more detailed and thorough Building Survey.

The Homebuyer Survey will detect if a serious problem is uncovered during the survey. As problems are rated in terms of seriousness on the report, this will provide you with a good idea of how much work needs to be done on the property and which issues are most urgent.










As with all surveys, the price of a Homebuyer Survey will depend on the size and value of the house.


The Homebuyer Survey Includes:

● An inspection of the major indoor features like ceilings, roof, walls, floors, bathrooms and woodwork.

● An inspection of permanent outdoor buildings and the outside of the home including roofing, pipes and gutters, walls, windows and outside doors.

● The report rates the main areas in terms of condition; a rating of three means the area is in need of urgent repair and rating one means no action is needed.

● An inspection of the visible parts of the heating and drainage systems as well as the electric, gas/oil and water services.

● The report will identify areas that you will need to consult a legal advisor to investigate further.

What is it used for?

  • The marketing leading property survey report.

  • Provides a clear assessment of the property indicating what actions may need to be taken.

If you are unsure of which survey to choose please get in touch and we will be happy to assist: or 0161 973 7138